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Brandless wants to create the next great consumer packaged goods brand — but it hasn’t built customer loyalty yet

From Recode – Security:   Third-party data puts its sales and customer retention below its peers. When Brandless launched in the summer of 2017, it aimed to disrupt the $760 billion U.S. consumer packaged goods industry by offering low-cost, high-quality home products and non-perishable foods. So far, that disruption hasn’t

Marc Benioff voiced concerns on a San Francisco homelessness measure months before becoming its most prominent booster

From Recode – Security:   The high-profile tech exec was critical of the initiative as late as this summer, according to July emails sent by him and seen by Recode. Over the last few weeks, Salesforce co-CEO and chairman Marc Benioff has cast himself as the champion of a homelessness

Trump’s latest China threat could crush the $8 billion Amazon competitor Wish. Here’s its plan to fight back.

From Recode – Security:   The days of Wish building its company on the back of artificially low shipping rates may be over. Wish CEO Peter Szulczewski built an $8 billion e-commerce juggernaut on the back of bargain-basement pricing made possible by cheap shipping rates for low-weight goods sent to

Recode Daily: Inside the race to hack-proof the Democratic Party

From Recode – Security:   Plus, Canada celebrates legalizing recreational pot nationwide; your next doctor’s appointment might be with an AI; here’s the math on whether you should buy a Mega Millions ticket today. The Democratic National Committee has undergone a massive cybersecurity overhaul since the 2016 U.S. election. Led

Looking back on European Cyber Security Challenge 2018: the afterglow of a synergetic competition

From ENISA:   The event brought together 170 participants, which were selected during cyber security challenges on a national level, to compete against each other in a pan-European spirit. New participating countries during this edition were Belgium and France. It all started 5 years ago as the European Cyber Security

The media is responsible for President Trump and it still hasn’t learned from 2016, says Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi

From Recode – Security:   Taibbi says the difference between the campaign and today is “we replaced 1,000,000 hours of Trump with 1,000,000 hours of ‘Trump is bad.’” Rolling Stone contributing editor Matt Taibbi’s latest book, “The Fairway,” is all about “how mass media keeps thought inbounds.” And as someone

3 Years After Attacks on Ukraine Power Grid, BlackEnergy Successor Poses Growing Threat

From Dark Reading:   In what could be a precursor to future attacks, GreyEnergy is targeting critical infrastructure organizations in Central and Eastern Europe. Three years after BlackEnergy’s unprecedented cyberattack on Ukraine’s power grid caused a massive blackout in Kiev, an offshoot of the group continues to pose a clear

(ISC) 2 : Global Cybersecurity Workforce Short 3 Million People

From Dark Reading:   With the skills gap still wide, security leaders explain the challenges of hiring and retaining security experts. The global shortage of cybersecurity experts has reached 2.93 million, posing a growing risk to businesses worldwide struggling to find, hire, and retain skilled employees to maximize their defenses.